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I represent plaintiffs in oil and gas litigation throughout the United States. A former Shell Oil attorney and certified environmental site assessor, I focus my practice on the needs of gas and service station owners who face legal action because of leaking or malfunctioning underground storage tanks ( USTs ). My clients include small business owners as well as operators of multiple gas or service stations. Contact my office or call me at 713-469-3999 to set up a free initial consultation.

Protecting Plaintiffs in Oil and Gas Litigation

I provide experienced counsel to individuals and businesses that seek to recovery for losses caused by leaking or malfunctioning underground storage tanks (USTs). In most instances, my clients have already been defendants in legal action alleging property damage or personal injury. To minimize potential liability, I work with service station owners and operators to identify and seek compensation from other potentially responsible parties (PRPs), including gas and oil companies, equipment manufacturers and insurance providers, most often in the form of a subrogation action. I handle claims under the federal Superfund process as well as state laws governing cleanup from underground storage tanks.

Because I understand the potential cost of legal action stemming from leaking or malfunctioning USTs, I have built an extensive network of experts, so that I can consistently prepare the most compelling claims for recovery. Among the experts with which I work on a regular basis are:

  • Fuel specialists
  • Rust and corrosion experts
  • Plastics and polymer authorities
  • Equipment installation and maintenance experts
  • Environmental cleanup specialists
  • Business loss experts

I work closely with my team of experts, examining all relevant factors, reviewing all records and building a highly credible claim for recovery.

Because I have successfully handled oil and gas claims for plaintiffs, I have a comprehensive understanding of the issues that are often involved, including the compatibility issues between ethanol and many of the modern storage tanks, pipes and dispensers. In my experience, most defendants in UST litigation allege that damages resulted from faulty installation or poor maintenance. To the contrary, most owners and operators are not at fault for leaks or equipment failures that lead to contamination or other harm.

For a free initial consultation to discuss your damage claim, contact me or call my office at 713-469-3999 (toll-free at 877-824-4898). I will travel to meet with you, if necessary.

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At the law office of James M. Cawley, Jr., PLLC, in Houston, Texas, I represent plaintiffs across the United States in oil and gas litigation, including claims for losses related to underground storage tanks (USTs).