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Nationwide Representation in Underground Storage Tank (UST) Matters

I provide legal and business consulting services to owners and operators of gas and service stations, advising them on matters related to underground storage tanks (USTs) and leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs). From offices in Houston, I represent clients throughout the United States. Before opening my own practice, I worked as an attorney for the Shell Oil Company and as a certified environmental site assessor. Contact my office or call me at 713-469-3999 to set up a confidential consultation.

My Oil and Gas Practice

I represent owners and operators of service stations as plaintiffs in claims against major oil companies, equipment manufacturers and insurance companies. My clients include small business owners and operators of multiple stations. In addition to UST and LUST issues, I also handle claims involving contaminated petroleum fuels, also known as "bad gas."

I know from experience that these defendants will always claim that any damage caused by a leaking or faulty underground storage tank resulted from improper installation or poor maintenance. I also know from experience that most service station owners and operators are not at fault for leaks or malfunctions related to USTs.

Frequently, when you own a service station where leaks or malfunctions have occurred, you become the target of lawsuits from others who claim property damage or personal injury. My first priority, when handling your claim, will be to minimize the potential damages you face. I will also help you recover losses from your insurance company or through the federal program known as Superfund. I will represent you in subrogation actions against other potentially responsible parties (PRPs) under the federal law. In addition, I handle claims involving the use of state tax funds for environmental cleanup.

Ethanol and USTs

Because of my experience, I am extremely familiar with the problems that arise when ethanol is stored in most existing storage tanks, including the damage that ethanol's high alcohol content can cause to plastic tanks, pipes and dispensers. I have addressed the Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) on specific issues regarding ethanol's compatibility with current standards in underground storage tanks.

In an effort to reduce the costs of legal action, I have built a network of experts that I use to successfully protect the rights of my clients, including:

  • Fuels experts
  • Plastics and polymer authorities
  • Rust and corrosion specialists
  • UST installation and maintenance experts
  • Environmental cleanup specialists
  • Business loss experts

To schedule free consultation to discuss your legal concerns involving underground storage tanks, contact me or call my office to schedule a meeting with me. I will travel to meet with you, if necessary.

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At the law office of James M. Cawley, Jr., PLLC, in Houston, Texas, I represent plaintiffs across the United States in oil and gas litigation, including claims for losses related to underground storage tanks (USTs).